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Anti-Condensation Paint
Anti-Condensation Paint

An epoxy resin coating containing heat-insulating fillers

Robex Anti-Condensation Paint is an epoxy resin coating that has been specially developed for application to walls to help eliminate condensation. The special heat insulating granules reduce the loss of heat from the room in to the wall and the temperature of the surface of the wall remains at or near the temperature of the air in the room, therefore, the tendency for condensation to occur is greatly reduced.

Robex Anti-Condensation Paint has outstanding abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals, vegetable oils, various acids and alkalis, petroleum products and detergents etc.

Robex Anti-Condensation Paint can be over painted for decorative purposes and this does not detract from its performace.

Easy to apply

  • Can be over painted
  • Increases thermal stability
  • High abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Eliminates unsightly mildew growth
  • Available in white only

Coverage approx. 8 m² per 2 kg.