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Robex GRP Anti-Slip Flat Plate
Robex GRP Anti-Slip Flat PlateRobex GRP Anti-Slip Flat Plate
Robex GRP Anti-Slip Flat Plate
Heavy duty, easy to install, instant slip resistance for walkways, platforms, bridges, shop floors and ramps.
  • Slip-resistance for pedestrians, vehicles and forklifts suitable for industrial environments and public places
  • Once installed the area can be put back into service immediately
  • Suitable for heavy wear areas both internally and externally
  • Practically indestructible 4 mm thick sheets made from GRP
  • Perfect for wet, cold, oily or chemically damaged floor areas which are unsuitable for floor coatings
  • Can be trimmed using a hacksaw or cut to site at no extra charge
Availabe in Beige | Grey | Black | Yellow

We offer a free of charge 'cut to size' service, using our own specialist tools.
This means that labour on site can be minimised because plates and sheets can be supplied at the correct size.
Simply provide us with your required sizes and they are cut and supplied (+/- 3 mm tolerance) ready to use.

GRP Adhesive 310 ml Tube - 
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Size: 1220mm x 1220mm
2000mm x 1000mm (+£73.20)
2440mm x 1220mm (+£159.92)





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